Zonas de temperatura



The sparkling version of the Champagne wine was discovered by accident. It all began when the wine growers (today's famous Champagne Houses) from the Champagne region were trying to equal the Burgundy wines. However, they did not succeed due to the cold winters in the region that caused the fermentation of the wine which were lying in the cellars, to stop. The cold climate ensured that the sleeping yeast cells awoke again in spring and started fermenting causing the release of carbon dioxide gas, which was coming from the wine in the bottle. At first, the bottles were weak and exploded but the ones that survived contained the sparkling wine. Champagne is a special drink, it has been associated with royalty since the 17th century and brings a different vibe to any gathering or event. Making champagne requires patience and certain processes to bring the ideal taste out of the grapes, the sparkle comes from the second fermentation process which is unique to sparkling wines and takes place inside the bottle. At Dunavox, we are joining the sparkling wine revolution and expanding our range for the joy of Champagne lovers!